Automatic Chicken Waterer

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The Automatic Chicken Waterer is an original design that will help make your life easier. This diy automatic chicken waterer is somewhat technical, but is easy to build and can be customized to many different situations. When it comes to providing your chickens or other birds and animals with water, an automatic chicken waterer doesn’t forget. These articles have been developed over time and are a compilation of the progression in the development of the automatic chicken waterer project.

The BriteTap Chicken Waterer can be used in conjunction with my design. Click on the image or the link and it will take you to the amazon product page for purchase. Just substitute the BriteTap Chicken Waterer with the “cup” in my design, and you’ll have a clean, serviceable, chicken waterer that will last a long time. Make sure and design the position so the chickens cannot roost on top of the reservoir.

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Improvement to: How to make an Automatic Chicken Waterer – Mobile drinking station

Mobile chicken waterer

Looking for Automatic Chicken Waterer Parts List? This segment is an addition to the other segments on How to Make an Automatic Chicken or Bird watering system. In the last few posts, we built the initial reservoir and drinking cup. … Continue reading