RESULTS: How to Build an Automatic Chicken Watering System – INSTALLED

Looking for Automatic Chicken Waterer Parts List?

It is just sand and debris NO POOP!

Now we have a field tested Automatic Chicken Watering System. It works great! I have since only found a couple of flaws, which are not that bad. The flaws are definitely not worth going back to the old method. As you can see the water is not clean and clear. The good thing is there is not any poop in this water. Most of what you see is sand and debris that is on the chicken’s beak when they drink. you can also see a hint of algae on the top side of the bowl.

Just a little agitation to clean it up


As long as there is not poop in this cup, I am not afraid to put my hand in it and swoosh it out! It only takes a minute to splash all the sand and debris out of the cup.
More and More agitation




Keep going, not there yet. One of my designs that will be featured in the coming days is a flexible hose for the cup assembly. This flexible system will allow for the cup to be emptied out and turned back over to be ready once again. The sun will always create algae, and I see this as a future problem.

Starting to see some clarity




Now it is starting to clean up a little. The sand just takes some more agitation to get out.
Automatically Fills Back Up - NICE!





This is the best part.

Ready for Action once again!






OK – We are finished and it is time to move on to the next activity. You can see now in this photo that the bowl is leaning a little. It has not affected anything, because it is not overflowing. A little adjustment to the Toilet Fill Valve and it will be good again. My next project is a tee handle to make it easier to remove the cup and clean.
The next article on How to build an Automatic Watering System for Chickens will be focused on a cup attached to a hose or flexible pipe to move as needed. It is here Now!

Make a T-handle for the main cup

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