Automatic Chicken Waterer – Building it

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Automatic Chicken Waterer

Build your own automatic chicken waterer

The automatic chicken waterer is a great addition to any chicken coop. This DIY project can give you time and save your effort when taking care of your chickens. Works on water pressure alone, and does not require any power. Once it is set up, it is generally maintenance free for months. The automatic chicken waterer can be built to serve many different applications, even watering other birds or animals. The possibilities are vast. This video is a step by step walkthrough in building an automatic chicken waterer for yourself. It is not hard. If you cannot get the parts, or have trouble drilling and such, I can sell you a basic kit. You can message me on Google Plus!

Automatic Chicken Waterer Parts List

1 – 5 gallon bucket with tight fitting lid
2 – 1 regular toilet tank fill valve
3 – Toilet fill valve supply line
4 – PVC fittings for the delivery pipe
5 – An extra seal for a toilet tank fill valve for the deliver piping.
6 – 1″ drill bit – either paddle bit or hole saw bit

This Chicken Waterer is Great!

Once you see the basic structure of the automatic chicken waterer, you can see how the applications start to come to mind. In the future, I will be creating some more videos and take it farther. The drinking bowl, and some more ideas I have on different ways to deliver the water. Along with the nipples, that can be purchased here – Automatic Chicken Waterer nipples at Avian Aquamiser.

Now you can get started on this project. Once the automatic chicken waterer is built you can rest a little easier knowing that your chickens are well watered, even when your not home. Going out of town is not so bad now, because you know that they are, at least, getting water.


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