DeWALT String Trimmer DCST920 – Changing the Cutting Line

Recently I needed to change the line on my DeWALT String Trimmer DCST920 and wanted to make a video. It is not hard to do, but a little instruction never hurts. After you have obtained new String Trimmer Line Refill you are able to refill the line very easily.

DeWALT trimmer DCST920 line change1 – AFTER YOU TAKE OUT THE BATTERY. Hold main canister and press the insert spool and turn clockwise, you’ll feel a “click”. It should now come out.

2 – Find the hole where you will insert the line in the center of the spool. There are two places to put line. Insert the new line as far as you can and the line should turn back on itself and start wrapping around the spool. <TIP> do the bottom spool first. You should be going in the same direction as the arrow shows on the inside side of the insert spool. Once you have as much line as you want or you start to see the line at the slots or line keepers stop. Now put the line in the keeper and cut with around 4″ – 6″ of line extending.DeWALT trimmer DCST920 Refill Line

3 – Do the same thing now with the inner spool and try to put the same amount of line on. Place the line in the keeper and cut with around 4″ – 6″ of line extending.

4 – Place the insert spool inside the main canister and line up the new line with the holes in the main canister. Thread the line through the holes and line up the keys so the insert spool goes in to the canister.

5 – Now opposite of #1, hold main canister and press the insert spool and turn counter-clockwise. You should feel a “click”, it should not be able to be pulled out. If you can still pull it out. Go back through and get the “click”.

6 – Once the insert spool is in, it’s time to cut the line to length. There is a blade on the trimmer that will cut the line to the ideal length. Put the battery back in. Ideally, take it outside if you are indoors, aim towards the ground and pull the trigger to turn the line. Watch out as the pieces will fly and they are moving fast. You here some crunchy sounds and then it should sing.

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Here is a video link to walk you through it.

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