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This segment is an addition to the other segments on How to Make an Automatic Chicken or Bird watering system. In the last few posts, we built the initial reservoir and drinking cup. Now we can use the tee we left capped and run a mobile drinking station inside one of the coops. This can be duplicated many times over. The hose cannot be higher than the top of the water in the reservoir or the cups at any time or it won’t work.All parts to the mobile chicken drinking station
Sprinkler housing has drain holes







The sprinkler housing is the best option I found, because it has a lip and already has a threaded insert on the bottom or the side.
Now for the Frame




Starting the frame, the cup will sit on this at the lip.
Make the frame to remove the cup easily




Make the keeper so the cup can be removed. This cup can be many other things, but it needs to have room for the birds to drink and have an insert for the water feed.
The top level of the cup has to equal the top level of the water





The level has to go down when it gets placed.
Expose the tee of the drinking station




Expose the tee we left in the line. The most important guide line is the top of the water.
drain the drinking station




Drain the water so the hose fitting can get installed.

hose is hooked up to the chicken mobile drinking station






Hose is hooked up, it is time to get it into the other coop.

sprinkler cup has two options




Set the cap and the barbed fitting to wherever you want. My installation was better on the side, because I had to dig it down.
get the hose into the chicken coop




Get the hose into the other place. Be sure the hose never gets above the top level of the water at any time.
bury the hose to keep it cool





Burying the hose will keep you from tripping over it and keep it cool. It also keeps the sun from wearing it out.

top of the cup is where we want it




We want the water as close to the top as possible, without going over. This way there will be more the chickens won’t have to get way down there.
perspective - put it where it needs to go




The frame allows you to move the cup up and down until it is right. Then you can fasten it where you want.

dump out the cup to clean




Dump out the cup to get all the sand out. This will have to be done periodically to clean.

chickens are drinking from the cup






They know where the water is now.



Make a T-handle for the main cup


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