Escape from Poultry Prison – Extreme Chicken Fence

Golden Chicken found a hole in the fence



This golden chicken was getting out almost every day, and we could not figure out why. Then we finally saw her go right through the fence. We had used some fencing that was 5″ or so and the wire was not set in place. So at various locations the holes in the fence could be bigger. We just happened across her going right through. She is the only chicken out of the bunch that was doing this.

Small square plastic Chicken Fence liner



This fence liner works well. It is a very light duty screen, 1″ x 1″ or so. All that is needed is a deterrant. The other fence stands up almost by itself, so now just filling in the holes. This is probably used more for temporary fencing, but works well in this application as a secondary barrier.Construction Fence to secure Chicken Fence



This bright orange construction fence works very well also. The only problem is that it can be seen for a very long distance. Wanting to keep the chicken area discreet for neighbors, passers by, and also animals, may be a challenge using this fence supplement. It works very well though, and is easy to apply. A couple of wire ties here and there and it is installed.



Chicken Fence – installing chicken fence

Chicken Fence – Installing more chicken fence


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