Poultry Prison 2: Chicken Coop Fence – How to keep your chickens out of the Garden


How to keep your chickens from pooping on the driveway.

How to keep your chickens from digging holes all over the yard.

How to keep your chickens from digging holes in your neighbors yard.

How to keep your chickens out of the garden.

How to keep your chickens inside the chicken coop fence.

Back after completion before second chicken fenceThis is the next chapter of “Poultry Prison”. In the previous post, I discussed the idea of adding a small fence (3′) on top of a larger fence (4′). The test project worked and we have had no escapees. Our chickens don’t seem to mind. The final chicken fence height is 7′.

Back side after second chicken fence

The first go round was a test with what materials we had, in order to see if the idea even worked. It did, so we extended the fenced area so the entire coop was inside. This is ideal as it is a second barrier for them at night. We do keep them cooped up at night. We usually put them in when it is still daylight, but they will go in as soon as the sun goes down.
Front side with taller chicken fence

We are more protecting them against predators than keeping them caged up. Chickens cannot see at night, so they are easy pickings for any poultry loving predator.
Front more taller chicken fence

This seems to be working for the moment. The entry is the only thing now to complete. It is still at a 4′ height, and a temporary fence above it that we have to duck under to enter. You can see the little bit of shade we put in just left of the cabbage palm.




Arial shot of the entire chicken yard


Now it is complete. We will expand as the budget allows. Always looking for extra materials someone else is discarding. They use the shade we put together as a shelter when the hawks start coming around. They will disappear when the hawk circles above.

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