VIDEO – Chicken Escaping over a 7′ fence and Re-entering


This chicken just thinks there is greener grass outside the chicken yard. Although she is right, inside is where the food will be. Once this chicken gets out and the food is put back inside the chicken yard she realizes that the action is inside not outside. This compilation happened over a few days. There are 3 chickens that get out, but I don’t know how the other 2 are getting out. I also don’t know how they are getting in. They may be sleeping outside. I know 1 street over bobcats have taken all someones chickens, so they are living dangerously.

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About Project Bolony

Project Bolony is about the many things that seem to be happening all around, but only few take notice of. I like to explore natural surroundings, as well as developed surroundings. I used to have chickens, and really like eggs. I also like to make videos of different things. Visit me on YouTube

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