Give Me Some Water – Gardening Tip

12 noon and Discovery of dry soil is made.Sometimes all you need to do is water the plant. Most people think they are not good gardening because they don’t know anything about the details of plant life. Just because you don’t know about diseases, pests, fertilizer, growing times, signs of the moon, etc. doesn’t mean they won’t grow.

If they just get watered they will grow, some better than others.

Notice how the Dill plant on the left looks sad and not really in a good mood at all. While the one on the right looks like it is ready for action. You can really see the difference.

Just Add Water


Now adding some water to some really dry soil. This plant is very delicate and without water will soon die. Once it is past the point of no return, you can water till the cows come home and it won’t matter. 12 noon and water is applied.



1 o'clock - just one hour later



1 o’clock. Just one hour later and already, it is 50% better than it was.




2 o'clock




2 o’clock. Still improving in just two hours.




3 o'clock





3 o’clock. Keeps getting better.



5 o'clock. The damage is done


5 o’clock. hasn’t changed much. The damage is done. Time and water will bring it back. These plants have had very little fertilizer. Some granulated all purpose was put on when they were first transplanted. Greens are pretty easy to grow.


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