Chicken Fence – How High Should It Be?

Your Chicken Fence should be as high as it needs to be to keep those chickens in and the critters out. My chicken fence is 7′ tall and is still not high enough. I made the fence very high so the chickens could not get out. I was letting the chickens out so they could feed on the ground, but they were digging these deep holes. So I finally stopped letting them out. Then I find 2 chickens are out all the time and I have to keep putting them back in. I finally found them to be just flying over the fence. This is in another post video-chicken-escaping-7-fence-re-entering. They were just literally, flying over the chicken fence. So I cut their wings. I have a post developing on this, but is just for entertainment as there are plenty of informative chicken wing cutting posts out there.

Chicken Fence Woes!

Everything was good for a while, I started to relax about it. Then one day I noticed one of the chickens out of the fenced area just having a good old time scratching and pecking. What is going on? What do I have to do to keep these chickens in this fenced area? So I watched and waited and I finally figured out that they were going under the chicken fence. Here we go again. This is the video that I have here for you. I plugged up the hole with a stick and a rock, then just one day later, another episode. I plugged that hole and have not had any more  incidents. Let’s see how long this lasts.

I have read that once you let your chickens free range, that they don’t want to be caged up. I know that the chickens that get out first have been free ranged before. The followers are just taking advantage of the situations.

Chicken Fence Height – Link to good article

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