Escape from Poultry Prison – More Extreme Chicken Fence

Black Star Chicken scoping out landing on nesting box


This Black Star chicken was getting out almost every day, sometimes several times after putting her back in. We were seeing her out, then we could not find her, because she was back in. Then we finally saw her go right through the fence going back in the fenced yard. She went between the screen we put over the bigger 5″ fence and the upper rabbit fencing. This one chicken has dug lots of holes in the yard. These holes can really take you for a ride when mowing, and then will trip you when you walk. NO GOOD.

Black Star Chicken on Nesting Box

Now the chicken is on the nesting box looking for the next landing site.






Black Star Chicken landing on tall fence



After the nesting box she lands on the tall fence before leaping to the ground.




 This video shows the black star nonchalantly moving the direction of escape. Each step she is making it look like she is supposed to be there.

Chicken Fence – installing chicken fence

Chicken Fence Height – Installing more chicken fence

Chicken Fence – Chicken Coop Fence Escapee

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