Make Shade Where There is no Shade

When you are trying to find a place to put plants, sometimes you need to put them in the shade. If the shade is not readily available, there are products that you can purchase that will create shade where ever you want. One product that I use is Easy Gardener Sun Screen Fabric (Reduces Temperature Up to 15 Degrees, Provides 75% More Shade) Tan Shade Fabric, 6 Feet x 20 Feet

Here is a link to the amazon page with the search results of “Sunscreen Fabric” – Check it out.

About Project Bolony

Project Bolony is about the many things that seem to be happening all around, but only few take notice of. I like to explore natural surroundings, as well as developed surroundings. I used to have chickens, and really like eggs. I also like to make videos of different things. Visit me on YouTube

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