Loggerhead Shrike Photos

These Loggerhead Shrike photos were taken June 2013.

Loggerhead Shrike


This bird (Loggerhead Shrike) was discovered on my back porch on the rail one morning and it caught my attention. I noticed that it was not moving. I got the camera out and was able to snap a shot or two and it flew off. After 30 minutes or so, I noticed it on a tree limb. It stuck out, because I don’t remember seeing any of these birds around before. I noticed that it would eventually fly down to the grass and capture something and fly right back up to where it was.

Loggerhead Shrike

Then it would wait patiently until repeating the process. Throughout the day I was able to get a few good photos and also watched it grab a few bugs along the way. Every now and then I would be able to see it attacking an insect of some sort.

Ever since this day, I have been noticing the Loggerhead Shrike almost everywhere I go. On a wire it looks like a mockingbird, until the light gets on it. Then you can see the mask and know the Loggerhead Shrike is just waiting and watching!

Loggerhead ShrikeLoggerhead Shrike with food

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