Cordless Blower – DeWALT DCE100B

Cordless Blower - DeWalt DCE100BI recently purchased another cordless blower. A DEWALT DCE100B 20V MAX Compact Jobsite Blower. This is a battery operated blower. It is of a small size, but definitely not of small power. This cordless blower is of the 20V MAX variety. I am slowly collecting the 20v MAX Lithium tools as I am moving away from the 18v NiCad tools. I had been happy with the DeWALT brand, so I am going to stay with DeWALT in the future. It is a slow process as there are many tools in the 20v MAX family. Slowly, but surely, the 18v NiCad is getting phased out from even purchasing them at the store. I am sure many people are like me and have a multitude of the 18v NiCad cordless tools and batteries.

Cordless Blower - Compact Jobsite Blower

Blowing off driveway

This cordless blower package that I purchased does not come with a battery and charger. It is a tool only package. I already have several batteries and chargers, so it was not a problem.

I tested this cordless blower out on my driveway. It seems to have a lot of power, but not a lot of punch. It handled the smaller debris with no problem, but did not want to move the larger debris as well.

Cordless Blower Inflator

Cordless Blower Inflator

After using this cordless blower, I would not purchase this cordless blower as a yard or leaf blower. This cordless blower is for small areas and small debris. Like the title says “Compact Jobsite Blower”. It is definitely compact. It would be great for a jobsite where power is an issue. Also, the slower speed would not make such a mess. Blowing sand from a concrete floor is within reason. Blowing out a gutter possibly as well. I didn’t say it can’t do the job. It will just take longer than the larger tube blowers. The fastest speed will definitely move material. The small tube on the blower doesn’t give it the area to move lots of stuff.

Cordless Blower Deflator

Cordless Blower Deflator

The entire cordless blower would fit in a 5 gallon bucket. It is compact. This is a good thing because it will also fit in a truck tool box, or behind the seat of a truck.

Added Benefit of the DeWALT Compact Jobsite Blower DCE100B

An added benefit of this cordless blower is the inflator/deflator attachment. This is great for blowing up a pool or beach inflatable. Also would be good for blowing up an air mattress while camping. Putting the attachment on the nozzle will inflate and moving the attachment to the intake on the cordless blower turns it into a deflator. The 3 speeds will come in handy for this task as well. This would be another point towards purchasing this cordless blower.

This blower does come in a kit with battery and charger. DEWALT DCE100M1 20V MAX Compact Jobsite Blower Kit

I paid about $100 for this cordless blower package. All in all the DEWALT DCE100B 20V MAX Compact Jobsite Blower is a good tool to have.

Reviews from others

on January 25, 2016

This is a quality tool — for the right situation! I love my Dewalt tools. They are well built and even feel solid. This is no exception. However, pay attention to the word “compact” and the CFM.

I bought this because a description elsewhere claimed 135mph air flow. But pay attention to the CFM (air flow in cubic feet per minute). This tool, at 100 CFM, is for small areas and jobs. It would be perfect for cleaning up a shop, keeping your garage clean, or to quickly freshen up the patio and furniture before a BBQ. With the 3 speed switch near your thumb, you can even set it low enough to blow off those hard wood floors — probably not the best idea, but low speeds would be nice for cleaning up the workbench.

If you’re looking for regular outside use, such as cleaning up leaves, look to the larger DCBL720P1 model which has a rating of 400 CFM

on June 25, 2016
Don’t know how I got along without this for so long. It’s perfect for many situations – especially blowing up air mattresses and water toys. Perfect for tighter work and cleaning off my miter saw and table saw after use. Good for lawn clippings too. I also have the larger version for the driveway. Love this thing!


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