How to build an Automatic Animal Waterer – Automatic Chicken Waterer – Automatic Bird Waterer – 4

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This is the 4th chapter in How to build an Automatic Watering Station for your Animals, Chickens, Birds, and whatever else can drink water. This system is very versatile and can be designed and customized to fit many different situations.
The Fill valve threads are under the Bucket Reservior

Here you see the threads of the toilet fill valve through the bucket reservior. Now we need to build a stand so we can allow this fitting to be free and not in a bind.

Testing for size


Testing the 2 by lumber for size. I am using pine lumber, but pressure treated is the way to go. A cinder block or a series of bricks will also work, but wood is lighter and can be customized indefinitely. Mark the wood so the container will be well supported.

Build a custom stand



The stand is finished. It is solid. This design will support the bucket reservior and allow the toilet fill valve threads to be connected freely.

Mark the bucket for the Cup Assembly



Now that we know where we are with a stand we can line up the cup assembly to mark for the through seal hole. Again this is just a female thread with a bushing to take up some space and a piece of pond liner as the gasket. The only manufactured product I can find to do this is a water heater pan. The fitting that comes with it is perfect, but it is 1 1/4″ fitting. Some hardware stores would have rubber gaskets or washers that will work better, but it may take a while to actually find the one that will work for your system.
Bucket Reservior and Cup AssemblyOk we are connected and ready to water test. After water testing, I found this cup container to be too flimsy and I switched to the tupperware bowl, which worked out much better. I placed a tee on the pipe coming out of the bucket reservior to go down to a cap that is at the right size to help hold up the cup assembly. I also placed another tee so that I could maybe put another cup in place near this one or even in another cage.


It is getting finished – Field testing is near.

Now to Install in the Field – Automatic Chicken Watering System – 5

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