Build an Automatic Bird Watering Station – Automatic Chicken Waterer – Water Your Birds – 3

Tupperware for Chicken Waterer Cup

In the last segment we measured the fill valve float to get our height. This measurement can change depending on where you have the fill valve set to. If you have smaller birds you may want it lower than higher. … Continue reading

How To: Build a Homemade Automatic Chicken Waterer – Automatic Poultry Watering System – 2

Chicken waterer toilet valve

Looking for Automatic Chicken Waterer Parts List? A homemade automatic chicken waterer is not to hard to put together. The whole idea here is to have a reservoir to fill up and establish the “height” for the cup. A 5 … Continue reading

VIDEO – Build your own DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer

automatic chicken waterer

  Build your own Homemade Automatic Chicken Waterer. This is a walkthrough slideshow video of the process of the automatic chicken waterer. This project and concept can be used for many different applications. Looking for Automatic Chicken Waterer Parts List? … Continue reading

Automatic Chicken Waterer – How to Build an Automatic Poultry Waterer – Homemade Chicken Watering System

Automatic Chicken Waterer

  This is a small project that can have lasting results with your chicken chores. The automatic chicken watering system is a homemade device that will extend the watering of your poultry indefinitely. All parts can be collected from home or purchased at any … Continue reading